Chodowiecki and Grass House

Daniel Chodowiecki and Günter Grass House is a new branch of the Gdansk City Gallery, which is going to be officially opened in 2022, after the completion of the renovation of the buildings designated for the purpose – remains of the former Complex of the Orphanage at 6-8 Sieroca street in Gdansk. The selection of the place was not accidental, since it will allow to rescue an exceptionally interesting example of 18th century architecture.

The project will be carried out in two stages. During the first one, the existing buildings will undergo a comprehensive renovation and will be adjusted to play the new functions. The garden pavilion which used to be the reception office will also be rebuilt. During the second stage, the building of the old school will be rebuilt and Chodowiecki’s statue will be provided, crowning the development of the area of the institution.

Under the adopted assumptions, the Chodowiecki and Grass House is to be an interdisciplinary place of artistic meetings largely based on residential projects and workshops aimed at comprehensive art education and exchange of experience. The leading role will be played by the disciplines of art and themes pursued by the patrons of the place. Studios of old graphic and printing techniques as well as a ceramic workshop will be founded.

A special place in the activity of the Chodowiecki and Grass House will be played by actions focusing on words and images, mutual relationships between them, and their transformations progressing along with the changes taking place in the surrounding world. Obviously, the themes will focus on both the process of the development and functioning of printed materials in their physical form (graphic design, typesetting, printing techniques), and their impact on the audience in the sphere of ideas, shaping of attitudes and identity.

Apart from permanent and temporary exhibitions, the House will host lectures and conferences in its multifunctional room as well as outdoor events on its summer stage. The presentation of the figures of its patrons and their works, as well as the history of the place, will constitute a contribution to reflection concerning the local identity and the mutual impact of the city space and the people living within it – as well as what we find important today and the role culture plays in the shaping of our reality.

In connection with the planned transfer of the Gdansk Günter Grass Gallery to the Chodowiecki and Grass House, the nature and function of the gallery at Szeroka/Grobla I Streets will change. A new exhibition entity – gallery Gdansk City Gallery 3 Design is going to be established there.

Although preparatory works for the implementation of the project are currently in progress, artistic and educational activities as well as ephemeral exhibitions and open air events are already held in the space of the future Chodowiecki and Grass House.