Tomasz Kopcewicz & Thomas Behling PARADISE LOST

I have found two artists of different nationalities but who share the -same passion- searching for traces of values in art. This piece is about looking for scraps of disgraced religion, a colossus with feet of clay.

The first artist works in church dominated environment. He exists in a grim fortress of Catholicism, the reign of clergy. It is harder for him to express his opinion openly without being accused of insulting religious feelings. Tomasz Kopcewicz, since he is the artist we talk about, looks for values ruined by form. Actually, it is the form he has focused on, showing, liking it or not, its content.

Thomas Behling looks for values in metaphysical things. He does not want to undermine spirituality. On the contrary, spirituality constitutes the main part of his life. He exposes naive faith, accepts religious content and spirituality but only in metaphysical terms. Belief in miracles and, on the other hand, its rationalization are important elements of his works.

(Agata Nowosielska)


Tomasz Kopcewicz & Thomas Behling

OPENING: Friday 13.01.2012, 7:30 PM

EXHIBITION: 14.01 - 26.02.2012

CURATOR: Agata Nowosielska

PLACE: Gdańska Galeria Miejska 1, Piwna 27/29

HOURS: Tue-Wed 11-17, Thu-Sun 11-19