Dialogue 9 "Stream of Consciousness"

Dialog9/„Stream of Consciousness” deals with the complex and multi-dimensional relationship between photography and film - specifically their techniques, spacious dynamic and the subjective possibilities of editing, ordering and arranging time, space and movement.

Dialog9/„Stream of Consciousness” is a joint exhibition by Gdańsk artist Dorota Walentynowicz and Austrian artist Herwig Weiser, presenting their new works. At the Gdańsk City Gallery we can see works that are close to their origins, about photographic and filmic techniques.The works of Walentynowicz and Weiser are related to the performative process of alteration related to the form and its internal and external relations. Through the fragmented, often distorted narration, they explore the stratification of movement and also the multi-layered aspect of time and space.

Dorota Walentynowicz’s black and white photographs, undoubtedly elegant in their geometry and poetic subject matter, come from the series that she has been developing since 2009. In order to fracture the arrangements of time and space, as well as the linearity of photographic representation, the artist allows various disruptions to the handmade analogue cameras/apparatus. The simultaneous exposure of several images and the overlapping of many perspectives result in an architectural illusion - images full of reversals, cracks, folds and shifts. Thus the overlapped fragments of the warped space lose their continuity and flex in an endless spiral. Besides the photographs, there is also a series of objects where Walentynowicz again recalls the solid and its diagonal section. She situates a negative inside a cube, with a small cavity on the opposite side, and she lets the light inside. Along the section, she locates the pieces of broken mirror that reflect the image from different sites and focus it on the negative. By doing so, the artist wants to activate the blind spot. She allows narration to creep into the static form and creates a scenario in which the space attains the temporal dimension. The mirror itself is full of ambiguity and metaphor. Following Foucault, the mirror is a link between utopia and heterotopy. It is a place with no space though it exists in a different reality to the one reflected. Here the point of reference for the artist is the structure/construction of the camera, where a mirror is fragmented and put together only on the negative.

Herwig Weiser presents a selection of films, including his latest, which is partly located in Gdańsk and presented in a version created specifically for this show. Weiser experiments with film since the beginning of the 90s.

First and foremost, Weiser's films depict and evoke sensations of cinematic-neurotic movement.Precisely researched locations- monumental constructions such as bridges, dykes, barriers, highways and post-industrial ruins - are the structures that determine the dynamic of the starring characters. The intimacy established between the human and the device ritualizes the concept of the frame partitions and the continuity of their rhythm. Repetitious stop-motion photo-sequences do not recreate the narrative continuity. On contrary, in this particular case, they intentionally, methodically and rhythmically create its abstract, fragmented and temporal components - the subjectively arranged pieces of dramatic splits, intervals and cuts. Weiser' compresses the notion of time and space by registering movement and interaction. Finally, he creates the sense of totality of particular fragments, moments and sequences.

DIALOG 9 Dorota Walentynowicz, Herwig Weiser

OPENING: 07. 10. 2011 (Friday) 7:30pm

EXHIBITION: 08. 10. 2011 - 11. 11. 2011

CURATOR: Patrycja Ryłko

PLACE: Gdansk City Gallery 1 | GGM1| Piwna 27/29

HOURS: Tue-Wed 11am-5pm | Thu-Sun 11am -7pm

Free admission