Lost in colour-dialogue 1- Jarosław Fliciński and Nicholas Bodde

"Lost in colour - dialogue 1" Jarosław Flciński and Nicholas Bodde

29 May 2009-31 July 2009, ggm1

curator: Iwona Bigos

opening: 29 May 2009. 7 p.m.

closing: 31 July 2009, 7 p.m.

The subject of the first dialogue are colour as a means of expression and colourful composition in architectural space. Both artists create works which refer to the tradition of concrete art. Space is the point of departure, yet each artist makes use of it in a different manner. Bodde’s paintings are limited by space. It is the format that dictates the arrangement of horizontal lines. On the other hand, Fliciński’s painting crosses the boundaries of the format, becoming a part of architecture, as well as conforms to the established reality, exploiting the specificity of light and space. The presented works were created especially for this exhibition - Fliciński created his right in the gallery, whereas Bodde’s triptych was inspired by Hans Memling’s The Last Judgement, from the National Museum in Gdańsk. Artists:Nicholas Bodde describes himself as an artist creating in the tradition of constructivism. The format of his paintings dictates the arrangement of horizontal lines. At first, these were vertical compositions in the ratio 1 : 2.33, which is the typical door size in English houses. Later on, the artist started making use of other geometrical figures, such as oval or circle, in which he encloses the realities of the arranged colourful spaces. However, in Bodde’s paintings not construction but colour plays the most important role. The rules are simple: there are no repetitions of colours within one work. The tension between particular colourful spaces is created by their juxtaposition, intensification and structure. And that is the source of their unique character. Jarosław Fliciński is a painter of space. His paintings often transgress the frames and subordinate to the established architectural structure, annexing it at the same time. In this way they become a colourful part of the existing reality. Colour and its dependence on light create another dimension. Those geometrical pictorial installations totally alter our perception. Fliciński’s works allow for unlimited and non-stereotypical interpretations, no matter whether they are painted directly on the wall, on an aluminium board or canvas. Every time they are an attempt to go beyond, to touch different time and space. It is pure painting.

Photos by Marek Frankowski