"from dialog to goliad" Dominika Skutnik and Henrik Eiben

Dominika Skutnik i Henrik Eiben "from dialog to goliad"3 October- 13 November 2009, ggm1Curator: Iwona BigosOpening: 2 October 2009 at 7 p.m. , Aleksandra Staniszewska's fashion show "flirt mody ze sztuką"/ “fashion's flirt with art”Closing: 13 November 2009, at 7 p.m. , performance by Nora VolkovaFashion show's curator: Anna Tomaszewska

The exhibition titled “from dialog to goliad” made of Dominika Skutnik's and Henrik Eiben's works is a second exhibition of the “Dialogues” series ( the first one was “lost in colour- dialog 1” by Nicholas Bodde and Jaroslaw Flicinski).This time it is a artistic tangle with Goliat(d)- the space. Skutnik and Eiben create objects-installations that have a common starting point- the effort to determine the multidimensionalityHenrik's works are rather painterly, soft and minimalistic objects, whereas Dominika's installations interact with and modify the given space. Often acquiring monumental forms, they are always strongly connected with the place in which and for which they are created.“from dialog to goliad” is a collective project constructed especially for ggm1 interior. It is a dialogue which the artists conduct between each other, the viewers and the space itself.Aleksandra Staniszewska's fashion show titled “fashion's flirt with art” which will be shown in the gallery's courtyard is also a part of the dialogue.Dominika Skutnik ( born in 1971 in Gdańsk) graduated from the Faculty of Painting and Graphics in Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. She lives and works in Gdańsk.Henrik Eiben ( born in 1975 in Tokio) graduated from Art Schools in Holland, USA and Germany. He lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.“Fashion flirtation” by Aleksandra StaniszewskaThe main idea of the show is a “flirt” between fashion and art. Aleksandra Staniszewska's collection is inspired by Henrik Eiben's works. The fashion designer enters the dialogue with the artist and borrows some motifs and patterns from his works. She combines various materials, shapes and textures. She juxtaposes ortalion with cotton, satin and lycra. Streamlined clothes remain in contrast with tight leggings or trousers. Also the colours of the designs allude to Eiben's works- black and pastels colours mix throughout the whole collection. The characteristic feature linking both artists is the fact that they draw their inspiration form abstraction and simple forms which relate do Japanese stylistics. The fashion designer will accessorize her collection with jewellery that takes inspiration from Dominika Skutnik's installations. They are designed for daring and distinctive women, who are open to art.

Photos by Marek Frankowski