"alienacje-alienations"- Anja Fussbach and Angelika Fojtuch

alienacje - alienations Anja Fussbach and Angelika Fojtuchopening: Friday, 8 October 2010, 7.30 p.m. - performance by Angelika Fojtuch gdzie się podziały?/ where are they? ggm1, Piwna 27/29exhibition: 9 October 2010 - 5 November 2010 curator: Iwona Bigosgallery opening hours: Sun, Tue-Thu 11-17, Fri-Sat 11-20free admissionalienacje-alienations is an exhibition from the dialogues series. This time it's a meeting of two very strong artistic personalities: Anja Fussbach (Germany) and Angelika Fojtuch ( Poland).The works that both artists create in a very aggressive way make us think. The works are very different in style, they often cross borders and provoke the recipient to react.Sometimes they are very brutal and literal, but even though it is hidden in the innocence of the materials or in using only a few gestures, they hit the mark or “put the finger in the wound”. Their art leaves no one unaffected.Anja Fussbach shows her two works, that are perfect examples of her artistic creations. In cookieman, 2007 we see a world of metal creatures, dressed in furs that used to be elegant, praying in front of a picture of cookies' producer. The creatures in servile poses are staring at the portrait of a black man, reaching out to it with large cookies in their hands and they are waiting. What are they waiting for? What are they staring at? Maybe these creatures are not just metal marmots? Maybe they are us, slaves of consumption, labels and brands waiting for the perfect product, that will finally make us happy? But how can we explain the pile of rubble that these friendly creatures are standing on? Anja Fussbach often uses ready-made objects in her work. She gathers them, transforms them, puts them in a new context. The coral reef, 2010 is an example of such work, an assemblage made of objects that were given or lent to her by other artists or random donors. The Gdansk version of the reef is special. Not only because it was build in interaction with Gdansk citizens and made of local objects, small pieces of art or rubbish, but because it has been a witness to a new Venus being born- the performance by Angelika Fojtuch.Apart from direct interference into Anja Fussbach's work Angelika Fojtuch shows ten new works from the pejzaż, 2010/ landscape, 2010 series that were created especially for this exhibition. The series consists of photo-objects made of white painting basis and cut out photographs. They seem to be a negative of a loud and colourful reef. Their white emptiness strikes us and makes us look for the answer to the question “why?”. Why did the artist remove the people from the photographs of busy city centre? Why did she show empty streets, beaches without people ? Have humans become a redundant element? Or is it the other way round? Maybe removing the most important, individual element and showing an empty, white place is drawing our attention to what's really important?Quoting the artist: “Putting the cut out photographs of city structure together with white, empty space of human shaped painting canvas is like comparing two different worlds living in symbiosis. It is a vision of what can be seen and recorded and what is present but inexpressible, alive, emotional, potential...It also shows our profound anonymity that we all live in. No matter what we think it is how we live- every day we pass each other without knowing anything about one another. We just see the shapes of our bodies.”The last thought is continued in szukam tej osoby- still/ I'm looking for this person- still , which is a processed documentary of the performance of the same title from 2007. During the performance the artist wanted to find herself by showing her photo to the people that were passing by. Who can help her now? Why did she cut out her potential rescuers? Maybe the metal marmots will take their place? There are many answers and interpretations, but the only thing that is unquestionable is the screaming alienation of a white canvas and a pile of rubble.Angelika FojtuchBorn in 1978 in Gdynia (Poland). She lives and works practically all around the world. She works mainly in visual arts- performance and its documentation and does education and curator projects.She showed her works at exhibitions and festivals in Europe, Asia and America-Biennale in National Art Museum in Thessalonica, 7a11d Festival in Fado Center in Toronto, OPEN Festival in Modern Art Centre 798 Art Zone in Beijing, Biennale Performance DEFORMES in Chile, Moscow Biennale and international art fair VIENNA FAIR, NADA Art Fair in Miami, SUPERMARKET Art Fair in Stockholm.She's presented in international publications such as Flash Art, The World’s Leading Art Magazine, Artists Dictionary and www.culture.plAuthor of PORT PERFORMANCE - a project by International Forum of Performance. http://www.angelikafojtuch.netAnja Fussbach Born in 1965 in Soltau (Germany). Lives and works in Bremen (Germany).She works in visual arts and takes part in education projects.She's won many prizes and scholarships. She travels around the world with swap shop project.She took part in many individual and group exhibitions, mainly in Germany. It is her second exhibition in Poland.