"last movie" by Ozmo and Mariusz Waras

Exhibition: „last movie” Ozmo (Gionata Gesi) and Mariusz Waras 7 August 2010-17 September 2010Gdansk City Gallery 1, Piwna 27/29 Opening: Friday, 6 August 2010, 7 p.m.- Concert by Tymon & The Transistors „Bigos Heart”, Courtyard of Art ( ggm1)gallery opening hours: Tue-Thu- 11-17, Fri-Sat-11-20, Sun 11-17 free admissionl"ast movie" exhibition is a fifth “dialogue” showed at Gdansk City Gallery. This time we invited two artists who know each other's work very well- Ozmo ( Gionata Gesi ) from Milan and Mariusz Waras from Tricity.Both artists are very versatile. They draw, paint, photograph and are very active in street-art. Recently Waras apart from his two dimensions works started creating quasi sculpture and architectural projects. But the thing that both of them are mostly renowned for is creating murales all around the world. Their works are very characteristic in technique and meaning and those who have come across their murales before can recognize them immediately. For the exhibition at ggm1 they created a gigantic painting on a wall of Neptun Cinema. It shows a machine in pieces ( by Waras) and a quote from Michelangelo's “Last Judgement” ( by Ozmo). It is a very meaningful scene where instead of a judging Christ we have a machinelike construction that looks like a gigantic clock's mechanism. Is it a reference to the condition of modern world, or maybe to the fact that the Neptun Cinema will be closed and forgotten like other special places of postwar Gdansk? Or maybe the artists were inspired to create a pompous, baroque situation in a place that is not often visited by tourists even though it's located near such monumental buildings as St. Mary's Church or the Main Town Hall? Any interpretation is possible.Ozmo (Gionata Gesi) was born in 1975 in Pontedera. He graduated from Accademia D’Arte in Florence. His paintings and drawings can be found in public space and in commercial galleries and museums. He is most famous for his street-art works in which he uses motifs and quotes from art, commercials, newspapers or internet. He comments our reality in a concrete and sharp way. He puts a religious or mythological scene next to a modern policeman or a logo of a concern. Ozmo lives and works in Milan.At the exhibition he will also show his latest drawings. Waras was born in 1978 in Gdynia. He graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. He creates graphic design, patterns, posters and spatial constructions. In his street-art project “m-city” he created a specific and characteristic block and a black and white aesthetics, which he consequently uses in his recent works such as “Fabryka”/ “Factory” or “Dmuchawce”/ “Dandelions”. His monumental murales have fitted into architecture perfectly and are renowned and valued throughout the world. At the exhibition he will show some photos documenting his work all over the