"dialogue 4" exhibition from 15 January at ggm1

Exhibition: dialog 4/ dialogue 4Alicja Karska with Aleksandra Went (Gdańsk) and Marina Steinacker with Susanne Katharina Willand (Bremen)15 January 2010 - 5 March 2010opening: 15 January 2010, 7 p.m.curator: Iwona BigosGdańska Galeria Miejska 1/Gdańsk City Gallery, Tue-Sun. 11-17Free admissionEven though it is a third exhibition from the “Dialogi/Dialogues” series it is titled “dialogue 4”. The artists decided that since there's four of them the title should have a “4” in it and that there won't be a “dialogue 3” exhibition.Karska/Went (Gdańsk) and Steinacker/Willand (Bremen) are two artistic duos that have been working in pairs for a few years. Genre of their work is: video, installations and photography.

Karska/Went duo will show their new photography cycle “Miniatury”/”Miniatures”. These are pictures of doll-houses' interiors that are decorated with the real pictures taken by the artists. They are “miniatures in miniatures”. It's a game between proportions, illusions and reality. In these pictures there's “something” missing. They show a contrast between a magical doll-house and reality where the real house is missing.Steinacker/Willand prepared three pieces: a video “Ansichten/ Sights”, photographies „Stationen/ Stations” and an installation titled “Twice told tale”.“Sights” is a 3D animation showing mountains. It is illustrated with a romantic music composed by Johann Strauss. Only after watching the whole video, we realise that the landscape is an illusion created by the use of postcards.“Stations” are made of twelve original postcards from 60's and 70's, that artists found on flea-markets, showing beautiful landscapes of Norway and twelve photographies of the same places taken recently. The artists, inspired by the original postcards found these places in Norway and created modern postcards. This series, in contradiction to the virtual journey of “Sights” , shows “real” idyllic places. “Twice told tale” was created especially for the “dialogue 4” exhibition.Two almost identical houses that look like architectural models are put into atransparent box. Their pure form represents the idea of a "home". They are presented not in a regular, (vertical)way, but they are presented horrizontally. Their roofs are facing each other and by this, creating a brand new figure. About artists:Alicja Karska ( born in 1978 in Poland). She graduated from Fine Arts Academy in Gdańsk in 2003. She's won many prizes and scholarships, including The Polish Minister of Culture Scholarship and residence in Bremen and Stuttgart. She's had individual exhibitions in Gdańsk, Słupsk,Warsaw and Poznań, and took part in many collective exhibitions in Stuttgart, Tel Aviv, Chicago, Berlin, Hamburg and Bremen.Aleksandra Went ( born in 1976 in Poland ). She graduated from Fine Arts Academy in Gdańsk in 2003. She's won many prizes and scholarships, including the Grand Prix in President of Poland's contest for the best work of a Fine Arts Academy's graduate in 2003. She's had solo exhibitions in Gdańsk, Warsaw, Poznań and took part in collective exhibitions in Sofia, Tel Aviv, Chicago, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Bremen. The artists started working together in 2002.http://www.karska-went.infoMarina Steinacker ( born in 1974 in Germany). She graduated from University of Arts in Bremen (Master of Fine Arts). She's won some German prizes and scholarships.Susanne Katharina Willand ( born in 1974 in Austria). She graduated from University of Arts in Bremen ( Fashion Design Diploma). She's won some German prizes and scholarships.Steinacker/Willand have been working as an artistic duo since 2007. Together they took part in many exhibitions in Germany, Russia, Iceland and Norway. “dialogues 4” is their first exhibition in