Narrations Festival is a two-day artistic event initiated by Iwona Bigos, the previous head of Gdansk City Gallery, organised together with the City Culture Institute each autumn – each time in a different district of the city. Narrations attract many Polish and international participants, and the artists’ works, often related to the place in which the festival is held, are usually viewed by an audience of several thousand.

Previous editions of the Narrations Festival:

Narrations # 10: The silent suns were like a giant zenith of a song, Gdansk Oliwa, curator: Piotr Stasiowski

Narrations #9: Off Season, Gdansk Brzeźno, curator: Anna Czaban

Narrations # 8: Kingdom 60.8 MASL, Gdansk Biskupia Górka, curator: Stach Szabłowski

Narrations #7: Smugglers, Gdansk Nowy Port, curator: Anna Smolak

Narrations #6: The Sage and the Ghost, Gdansk Upper Wrzeszcz, curators: Anna Witkowska, Adam Witkowski

Narrations #5: Unearthing Delights, Gdansk Długie Ogrody, curator: Rob Garrett

Narrations# 4: Art Thou Gone, Beloved Ghost?, Gdansk Shipyard + Main City, curator: Steven Matijcio

Narrations #3: Nature of the City, Gdansk Lower City, curator: Bettina Pelz

Narrations #2: Lost and Found, Main City, curator: Bettina Pelz

Narrations #1: Main City, curator: Bettina Pelz