About Gdansk Biennale of Art

The Gdansk Biennale of Art organized by the Gdansk City Gallery since 2010 in the form of a competition is open to the artistic circles of Gdansk and its surroundings. The winner of the Grand Prix is awarded an individual exhibition at the Gdansk City Gallery, which is accompanied by the issuing of a catalogue. Before the winner is nominated, all the works qualified for the second stage are displayed as a group exhibition, which presents a unique opportunity to observe the latest trends in the art of the Pomeranian region created by artists of various generations. The authors of the Gdansk Biennale of Art aim to draw the viewers’ attention towards the diversity of the artistic language employed by the local artists. The competition displays provide a cross-section view of the latest art showing the degree that both old means of expressions and the latest media are popular with the artist of the day. Each time, a broadly-stated theme triggers the artists’ creativity, bearing fruit in original interpretations, that give the Gdansk Biennale of Art a multidimensional air. The enterprise proves without doubt that the Gdansk-based artistic milieu is open to various technical and interpretational means arising from the reservoirs of local and foreign artistic inspiration. Among the priorities of the Gdansk Biennale of Art is the promotion of the most promising artists of the region, which is achieved by temporary individual exhibitions and issuing a catalogue. The winner of the 1st edition: Place identity in 2010 was Dorota Nieznalska, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, with her artwork “Queen of Poland”. Her post-competition exhibition was entirely focused on Gdansk - related issues.