Narracje 2009 Festival

NARRACJE- Instalacje i Interwencje w Przestrzeni Publicznej/ NARRACJE-Installations and Interventions in Public SpaceGdańsk | 26.11 - 06.12.2009

Opening hours:Sunday-Thursday | 5 - 10 p.m.Friday-Saturday | 5 - 11 p.m.

The first edition of NARRACJE FESTIVAL will begin on 26 November in Gdańsk at 20.16. NARRACJE- Installations and Interventions in Public Space is an artistic project that treats the city as a story. This year's events will be all about “reading” the city with architecture and light. The festival's curator is Bettina Pelz, who specializes in international art projects in Public Space.The festival will take place in different parts of the city from 26 November till 6 December 2009. The artists that will participate in the project come from various countries such as Germany, Brasil, Australia or France. Other events of the festival are workshops for children, concerts, dj sets, meeting with artists and a lot more.NARRACJE is a project of Gdańsk's battle to become a European Capital of Culture in 2016.Organised by: Biuro Gdańsk i Metropolia - Europejska Stolica Kultury 2016 - kandydat/ Gdańsk European Capital of Culture 2016- candidate Office www.gdansk2016.euPartners:Gdańska Galeria Miejska/Gdańsk City Gallery www.ggm.gda.plNadbałtyckie Centrum Kultury/Baltic Culture Centreąd Miejski w Gdańsku/ City of Gdańsk www.gdansk.gda.plCurator: Bettina Pelz bettina.pelz@narracje.gdansk2016.euProducent and Coordinator: Natalia Cyrzan natalia.cyrzan@narracje.gdansk2016.euPress Office: Sławomir Czarnecki (Gdańsk 2016), Katarzyna Szcześniak-Bartelik (Gdańska Galeria Miejska) pr@ggm.gda.plGraphic design: Maciej SalamonWebsite: OPENING 26.11, Thursday20.16 meeting at “Zieleniak”20.30 visiting installations' places 22.00 Vespa- the festival club-afterparty with the artistsPROGRAMMEThe admission to all events is FREE!Dorota Walentynowicz 72 x 56 projection on a building26.11 - 29.11, Zieleniak, Wały Piastowskie Str. 1Kurt Laurenz Theinert (+ K. Topolski, M. Wojnicki) Visual Piano - Converter audio-visual performance 26.11 Thu, 8.16 p.m., Concert Hall of Music Academy, Łąkowa Str.1/227.11 Fri, 8 p.m., Centrum św. Jana/ St. John Centre, Świętojańska Str. 5028.11 Sat 10.30 p.m., Modelarnia, Shipyard (after Pechakuchy vol. 4)29.11 Sun 7 p.m., Nadbałtyckie Centrum Kultury/ Baltic Kulture Centre, Korzenna Str. 33/35Tom Groll + Bettina Pelz- Wniknięcie projection on a building26.11 - 6.12, Katownia, Targ WęglowyJakub Nepraš -Trip video-installation 26.11 - 6.12, ESK Gdańsk 2016 Office, Długi Targ 39/40Lia Chaia -Minhoca? video-installation26.11 - 6.12, Tekstylia, corner of Pańska and SzerokaKatarzyna Józefowicz -Posłowie/Epilogueinstallation26.11 - 6.12, Gdańska Galeria Miejska/ Gdańsk City Gallery, Piwna Str. 27/29 ( the exhibition is shown in ggm1 from 21 November 2009 until 8 January 2010)Günter Grass -Drawings on the walls projection in public spacearcades on Kaletnicza Str. (behind Neptun Cinema) and park on Szeroka Str.26.11 - 6.12With permission from Publishers: Steidl in Gottingen and Polnord Oskar in Gdańsk

Charly Nijensohn- El naufragio de los hombresvideo-installations26.11 - 6.12, Gdańska Galeria Güntera Grassa (4g) / Günter Grass Gallery in Gdańsk, Szeroka and Grobla I Str. cornerNeringa Naujokaite- Name einfügen video-installation26.11 - 6.12, Galeria-to-be, Grobla I Str.1/2 Mary-Anne Kyriakou -Hug and Kissdigital media/performance26.11 - 3.12, Galeria-to-be Grobla I Str.1/2 Konrad Zientara -Wieloplexikoń installation 26.11 - 6.12, Motława river, OłowiankaSigrid Sandman- Prógprojection on a building26.11 - 6.12, Wyspa SpichrzówDämmstoffmafia -Nomadic Store design 2.12 - 5.12, Gdańska Galeria Güntera Grassa (4g)/ Günter Grass Gallery in Gdańsk, Szeroka and Grobla I Str. corner

OTHER EVENTS:26.11 - 6.12 "W innym świetle"/ “In different light” - the most important and famous Gdańsk buildings will be illuminated with a colorful light28.11 5- 7 p.m. "Steam" project, K. Łygońska, T. Pawluczuk, Latarniana Str. near Wybrzeże Theatre28.11 8.20 p.m. Pechakucha vol. 4, Modelarnia. application: info@pechakuchagdansk.pl1.12. 7 p.m. concert: SEAMUS BLAKEUSA sax Jacek Kochan drums, Piotr Lemańczyk bass, Gdańska Galeria Güntera Grassa/Gunter Grass Gallery in Gdańsk, Szeroka and Grobla I corner1.12. 8 p.m. BAABA concert, NCK, Ratusz Staromiejski, Korzenna Str. 33/353.12 8 p.m. AUTOKAR concert: M. Tokar, M. Sanders, M. Trzaska, W. Zimpel, Centrum św. Jana, Świętojańska Str. 504.12 5-7 p.m. Narratiobns International Window - presentation of international festivals of light, art and design in public space: Belgrade of Lights (RS), Fiabesque Peccioli (IT), GLOW Eindhoven (NL), LichtRouten Lüdenscheid (DE), Lighting Guerilla Ljubljana (SI), Luzboa Lisbon (PT), Smart Light Sydney (AU), Valgus Festival Tallinn (EE), NCK, Ratusz Staromiejski, Korzenna Str. 33/35 4.12.2009, 5.00 pm Contemporary Art in Public Space: Urban Dynamics and the Possibilities of Cultural Transformation International Forum withBettina Pelz (Curator of “Narracje Gdansk”), Mary-Anne Kyriakou (Curator of “Smart Light Sydney”), Aleksandra Stratimirovic (Curator of “Belgrade of Lights”) curators of “Luzboa” Lisbon and “Skyway” Torun6.12 5-7 p.m. Mobile Cinema Kino on Motława, film by K. Chomicz "Temat rzeka", Długie Pobrzeże - in four placesWORKSHOPS:European Capital of Culture Gdańsk 2016 Office Długi Targ 39/4028.11 12-5 p.m. "Chodź, pomaluj mi miasto" / "Come on and paint the town" (kids 6-8 years old) H. Martin, U. Wasielewska29.11 12-5 p.m. "A4/4" ( young people 15-18 years old) H. Martin, U. Wasielewska 5-6.12 "Przezroczyste Miasto" / “Transparent city” ( kids 8-12 years old) A. Chomicz 6.12 1-3 p.m. ( in Vespa, Kołodziejska Str. 4) "Zrób coś z tym - lokalne dziennikarstwo obywatelskie" / “Do something- citizen journalism” workshop ( 15 years old and older) - P. Gulda Registration: tel. +48 503 762 936, email: (everyday after 2 p.m.)VESPA- the festival club, Kołodziejska Str. 426.11 10 p.m. Festival opening party, music: Twój Stary Projekt28-29.11 2-5 p.m. meetings with festival artists3.12 1- p.m. Party: Good Boy Khris5.12 9.p.m concert of TrupaTrupa, After Party Fake DjABOUT ARTISTS:Curator:Bettina PelzGerman curator. Since 2006 she's been a curator of GLOW- International Light Forum in Art and Architecture in Eindhoven in Holland. In 2002-2006 she organised the Light Festival Lichtrouten w Ludenscheid in Germany. Pelz teaches at Fine Arts Academy in Bremen, Hildesheim University, Oldenburg University and Niederrhein Univeristy.Artists:Lia Chaia (Brasil)/VideoShe lives in Sao Paulo. In her works she shows relations between nature, human and urban space.Günter Grass (Germany)/ProjectionNew graphics by the famous Noble Prize winner will be shown by Gdańsk City Gallery as light projections in public space.Mary-Anne Kyriakou (Australia) /Digital mediaA light-designer, artist and composer, Mary-Anne Kyriakou in her works looks for various light and sound transformations. Naujokaite (Lithuania)/VideoIn her video-installations Neringa Naujokaite tries to show social relations and analyzes their impact on cultural, architectual and natural context. Nepras (Czech Republic)/VideoIn his works Jakub Nepras shows the process of change that take place in human perception of the world, communication, social patterns and ethics during the technological development.http://jakubnepras.comCharly Nijensohn (Argentina)/VideoAs a videographic Charly Nijensohn works on the ideas of human perception, and how it functions and changes. In his work he travels to such distant places as Atacama desert in Chile or Uppernavik Fiord in Greenland. http://www.charlynijensohn.orgSigrid Sandmann (Germany)/ProjectionLanguage as a human archive and experience is a starting point for Sigrid Sandmann's installations. They are usually placed in social and cultural context and architecture. Kurt Laurenz Theinert (Germany)/Digital mediaIn cooperation with computer software designers: Rolland Blach and Philip Rahlenbeck, Kurt Laurenz Theinert designed a visual piano conception. It is a keyboard that produce graphic picture instead of sound. http://www.theinert-lichtkunst.deDorota Walentynowicz/Projection A conceptual artist is interested in defining photography and light. She pays special attention to converting personal space into objective experience. The art is happening in personal relations, not in a hermetic private space. She often invites the recipients to take part in some kind of a game. She makes the rules, but the recipients response in interpreting the work is a main condition for the work's existance. Józefowicz/ InstallationThe artist in her works usually organizes the space by turning objects that are full of energy and anxiety into neutral, warm and cosy places. Creating these works is very time-consuming for the artist, but she treats the monotony of the process as if it was some kind of creative trance and meditation. Katarzyna Józefowicz's exhibition titled „posłowie/epilogue” is shown in Gdańska Galeria Miejska/Gdańsk City Gallery from 21 November 2009 to 8 January 2010ózefowiczKonrad Zientara/Installation An architect, designer, time and space traveller, Konrad Zientara is an artist connected with Kolonia Artystów/ Artists' Collony in Gdańsk Shipyard.ämmstoffmafia (Niemcy)/Design and Pattern Design"Dämmstoffmafia” is a grup of students of design, fine arts and digital media in Bremen. They show fragments of their conceptions and works in temporary space. Budget | Installation and DesignThey call themselves “crew”. They don't follow strict rules, but have the same goal -being creative and having fun. They will present an open project with the citizens' participation and they will organise workshops for children