In this series of exhibitions held at the Gdansk City Gallery, the artworks of Tri-City based and foreign artists are shown. It was first launched on May 28, 2009 with the exhibition entitled Lost in colour - displaying works by local artist Jaroslaw Flicinski and Nicholas Bodde, an American residing in Berlin. Since then, GGM regularly hosts joint exhibitions of artists who, in most cases had not co-operated before. The Gallery’s curators are in charge of the match, which is an enriching experience for the participating artists and opens them to new challenges stemming from artistic differences and cultural nuances. The artists invited to take part in the Dialogues exhibitions usually employ distinct artistic means, which renders each interpretation of the keynote even more interesting. The concept of the project allows for the free flow of ideas within the artistic realm, thus enriching it. It also presents the most recent trends of polish and foreign art to polish viewers.

Dialog 1 - Lost in colour

Dialog 2 - From dialog to goliad

Dialog 3 I 4 - Dialog 4

Dialog 5 - Psychopompos

Dialog 6 - Last movie

Dialog 7 - Alienations

Dialog 8 - Existence

Dialog 9 - Stream of consciousness

Dialog 10 - Paradise Lost