The Baltic Goes Digital

The Baltic Goes Digital is an open contest for artworks that utilize web-based, mobile or locative media to create a vision of an imaginary, non-existent “Baltic City”.


The contest is organized by the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre in Gdansk and the Gdansk City Gallery as part of the international ART LINE project, which is co-financed with funds from the European Regional Development Fund operating within the South Baltic Cross-Border Cooperation Program 2007-2013.

Thematic Approach:

The theme of the contest involves the creation of an imaginary and utopian version of a “Baltic City” - i.e. a town that no longer exists or does not exist yet. Obviously, the very idea of creating a utopian city is nothing new. History knows many urban planning and architectural designs that aimed to create the perfect municipal tapestry that would be ideal for its residents. What is new is the fact that the starting point of our “The Baltic Goes Digital” contest is s modern technique that supports unlimited urban visions. Taking advantage of the fact that the internet allows us to get to know the world, we would like to invite artists to compose interactive spaces combining the cultural and urban aspects of cities located on the Baltic Sea. The digitally-generated cities can be both a combination of existing ones, expansions or improvements on them or a utopian vision of a single Baltic city that goes beyond our reality or remains parallel to it.

The Gdansk City Gallery and the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre invite artists and teams whose projects explore and redefine the public space concept. We ask whether the new digitalized public space offered by the internet can be used to create and communicate art. Can works of art that function in the internet arena or are widely accessible through our mobile phones be treated in the same way as a bronze sculpture in the main square of a city? What new public space opportunities are offered by these new technologies? We invite artists to submit projects that explore these issues and provide interesting answers.

The Goal of the Contest

The goal of the contest is to select three artistic projects that use locative, mobile or online media. They will be completed and presented in a virtual gallery on the ART LINE’s website and in the Fall 2012 exhibition held at the Gdansk City Gallery.

Target Group:

The contest is open to artists and anyone interested in its subject matter (e.g. graphic artists, designers, architects, programmers, etc.) from the Baltic states - i.e. Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, Germany and Denmark.

The teams need to be composed of a maximum of three people. In such a case, at least 1 member needs to be an artist.

The contest is aimed at artists and people interested in its subject-matter - i.e. graphic artists, designers, architects, programmers - from the Baltic states (Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Russia).


The authors of the 3 winning projects chosen by an international jury will be invited to cooperate with us and complete their works.

Each winning contestant will receive remuneration of EUR 1500 and a budget of EUR 1000 to realize the concept. The organizers will also cover the costs of accommodation and travel to Gdansk for the opening of the Fall 2012 exhibition .

The works will be presented in a virtual gallery, available on the Art Line project website until 2018 and as an exhibition in the Gdansk Municipal Gallery (September-October 2012). The winning artworks will be also presented in partner art institutions or during public events.

Deadline for sending in applications: 15th of June 2012

The official language of the contest shall be English and it shall be applicable to all applications and talks held with the artists.