artMUSE is a European Project for cultural future developments

artMUSE is a common project of: LWL - Industriemuseum Textilmuseum in Bocholt, Germany, the Museum of Bitola and the National Institution Institute in Macedonia, the Gdanks City Gallery in Poland in cooperation with the M2C Institute.

artMUSE is funded by the European Union.


The European locations of industrial culture, history of the city, contemporary art and protohistory in Bocholt, Gdanks and Bitola early in their insistence coalesced in the sectors work, technology, textile art, social development up to the industrial assembly. This common European historical dimension is currently further developed. The project artMuse assists this process by combining the mutual historical heritage with common topics of presence and future. But there is another similarity between these places: they find themselves in a time of European ecological, economical and social transformation, looking for a new cultural expressions. In artMuse we would like to commonly face this search in a constructive way. To achieve this goal, we closely work together with artists, creatives, cultural managers, citizens and museum visitors. The aim is to form a place of creativity, of intermediation and of cultural experimentation. This should lay the foundation for a European cultural center.


artMUSE in Gdańsk

artMUSE an audiovisual installation CityWalk by Robert Sochacki will be presented on and offline in Gdańsk City Gallery (GGM2). It is an audiovisual performance of new media, divided into two days of events. Robert Sochacki, an initiator of the CityWalk project, is a video painter, Vj, performance artist and also reality explorer.

CityWalk off Line in GGM2 is created by: - experimenting with sound Emiter /Marcin Dymiter/ Zenial /Łukasz Szalankiewicz/ - experimenting with visual projections Danuta Kiewłen Robert Sochacki

On the big gallery screens, like the three dimensional children books with the spacious illustration, there will be a 3D projection accompanied with sound. CityWalk is a dynamic juxtaposition of image and sound. It is either a fascinating summer journey or the city spectacle that is taking place inside the GGM2 space. It is presenting the blend of space narration, sound, actual and virtual trajectory as well as our own projections of events and places.

CityWalk on Line in GGM2 it is a first edition of available at: Share3City and its sound in the GGM2 is created by: Psychokot Sound System - Trójmiasto selective-disco/production collective with some reage roots. There will be also an online lecture by Ryszard W. Kluszczyński concerned with net art and art collective in contemporary art practice.

CityWalk using a format of artMuse and, has a chance to be entirely based ‘on Line’. The participants bring their own devices and join to ‘the shared’ system, improvise and present their audiovisual materials. In this case is a streaming internet device itself, which infinitely expands its affected trajectory. The streaming models allow invited artists and Vj’s completely change the dynamism of the installation, and present their own interpretation of the CityWalk. In this case all invited artists contribute to Sochacki’s installation. internet streaming, based on Robert Sochacki’s idea, it is not only about sending materials through internet but foremost creating the event in the GGM2. Audiovisual Platform operates here as separated, related activity enabling local/global collaboration to take place. Exchanging possibilities manifests also as an act of Vjs developing their ideas and sharing knowledge and experience. Live event will take place in GGM2 as well as in the other places in Europe. Apart from online involvement we are inviting artists and Vjs to take part in the GGM2 event.

artMUSE activities, as well as the exhibited artworks and the live performances will be documented, and uploaded to the European Corner’s system, to make them permanently available in the participating institutions after the festival. The European Corner is an interactive media installation, which enables a long term connection between the participating museums. The European Corner is developed in the framework of MaX - Museums at Public Access and Participation project founded by the European Commission


artMUSE is funded by: