NARRACJE 2010 Festival

NARRACJE 2010 Installations and Interventions in Public Space "Lost and Found"18- 21 November 2010, 5 p.m.- midnightGdańskwww.gdansk20106.eu/narracjeFree admissionGdansk contains a diversity of under-used spaces. They are part of the interiority of the city’s centre, yet lying on the periphery of its organizing and utility-driven logics. They are part of the urban condition that dwells between the reality of image-giving structures and the reality of semi-neglected places. The 2nd edition of NARRACJE conceptualizes these terrains vague - backyards, construction sites, archeological excavations, empty spaces and ruins - where on the edges of city-planning non-use, dysfunctions or social routines frame urban life. In spatiotemporal interventions based on the reflected use of light local and international artists work on a selection of these vague spaces in the city’s center. Some works on display during NARRACJE 2010 are site-specific and all of them have been adjusted to the chosen locations in Gdansk.Barbara Buchholz and Pedda Borowski (DE), Ghiju Diaz de Leon (MX), Marek Frankowski (PL), Detlef Hartung i Georg Trenz (DE), Hermelinde Hergenhahn (NL), Danuta Kiewłen (PL), Olga Kisseleva (FR), Francesco Mariotti (CH), Ryszard Niedzielski (PL), Pojektil (CH), Marek Radke (PL), Robert Sochacki (PL) and Grażyna Tomaszewska (PL) were invited by the German curator Bettina Pelz to take part. The diversity of artistic approaches is echoed in the choice of location, media, subject and artistic latitude.For this year's edition of NARRACJE, Gdansk-based artists and designers:Marek Frankowski, Danuta Kiewłen, Ryszard Niedzielski, Robert Sochacki and Grażyna Tomaszewska have adapted their ideas and diverse artistic approachesto work with the large scale projection technology.This year, we are going to present three interactive installations at NARRACJE: Olga Kisseleva, Hermelinde Hergenhahn and Projektil need the active participation of the visitors for their digital media-based works. We also recommend a variety of accompanying events: especially for NARRACJE,a model of a light installation of Fred Hatt and Daniel Schlaepfer will be moved from CWS Laźnia to the Gallery-to-be; two independent projects will be presented in Galeria Spiż 7 on the Grannary Island: Agnieszka Wolodźko's artwork entitled War and Peace and Sylwia Galon's installation entitled DNA Design Nature Art. Music concerts will take place every evening in one of our two festival clubs - La Dolce Vita, on Chlebnicka Street. Come and see Out of Tune (PL) with guests, Asia and Cats (PL), Touchy Mob (DE), Coldair (PL), Mohna (DE), Stendek (PL) and Wojtek Grabek (PL). With NARRACJE the office of Gdansk 2016, the City of Gdansk, Gdańsk City Gallery and the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre are introducing a new format to the city’s cultural activities. It is a cooperative effort to make use of public space in the city’s centre as an exhibition floor and offer a forum to reflect and discuss the contemporary city development as a contribution to the sustainable changes taking place in Gdansk. of the day

Thursday, 18 November 2010THE OFFICIAL OPENING OF NARRACJE 8 p.m. Barbara Buchholz + Pedda Borowski (DE), Theremin: Russia with Love, audio-visual performance, st. John's Centre, ul. Świętojańska 509 p.m. A tour of festival installations guided by Bettina Pelz - the curator + tours with Narracje guides10 p.m. Reception - Festival Club 1: the hall of Gdańsk 2016 office, ul. Długi Targ 39/4011 p.m. After Party - Festival Club 2: La Dolce Vita, ul. Chlebnicka 2Permanent installations5 p.m.- midnightRyszard Niedzielski (PL), Ruins, Latarniana 1/corner of SzerokaProjektil (CH), Destroy for Growth,ul. Kozia - wall by nursery no 8Robert Sochacki (PL), Red Corner, ul. Szeroka 108 - wall of a buildingHermelinde Hergenhahn (NL), Day in Day out, ul. Świętojańska 69/corner of Lawendowa and SzklaryDetlef Hartung + Georg Trenz (DE), ACH, Gdansk Gallery of Günter Grass (4g), ul. Szeroka 34/35Fred Hatt + Daniel Schlaepfer (CH),Amber Drops, Gallery to-be, ul. Grobla I 1/2 >> accompanying eventMarek Frankowski (PL), Passages, ul. Szeroka 97 -wall of a buildingDanuta Kiewłen (PL), Liquid Architecture, st. John's Church, ul. Świętojańska 50Ghiju Díaz de León (MX), Shifting, Grannary Island - to be watched from the opposite shoreGrażyna Tomaszewska (PL), Mermaid, ul. Klesza, archeological siteFrancesco Mariotti (CH), Firelflies' Fence, ul. św. Ducha/Krowia,archeological siteMarek Radke (PL/DE), Tu/Hier, Gdansk City Gallery (ggm1), ul. Piwna 27/29Ozmo (IT) + Mariusz Waras (PL), last movie, Art Yard of ggm1, entered from Kaletnicza >> accompanying eventOlga Kisseleva (FR), CrossWorlds (Solar), ul. Długi Targ, opposite Gdańsk 2016 officeAgnieszka Wołodźko (PL), War and Peace, Galeria Spiż 7, ul. Chmielna 113, Grannary Island >> accompanying eventSylwia Galon (PL), DNA Design Nature Art,Galeria Spiż 7, ul. Chmielna 113, Grannary Island >> accompanying eventDominik Lejman (PL), Staging Anonymous, underground passage, crossing of Łąkowa and Podwale Przedmiejskie >>accompanying event

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