This work emerged from the workshop series "Scream. Listen", which took place in the spring of 2021 on the Zoom platform - with the participation of Patricia Fürst, Katarzyna Sitarz, Iga Swieściak, Duchini Bei (Ola Zielińska & Olga Lewicka) and Martyna Szwinta, invited guests as well as students from the Laboratory of Forgotten Structures at the Academy of Art in Szczecin. The series of workshops consisted of imaginative exercises, meditations and performative actions as well as workouts in listening, voicing and movement. 

The sequence of texts on the left side of the work is compiled from fragments of activities during the workshops conducted by Patrcia Fürst & Duchni Bei. On the right side fragments from the workshops conducted by Iga Swieściak and Katarzyna Sitarz are arranged. The grid in the middle hides links to further voices, movements, sounds. Scroll and see where you can enter.

During the workshops we tried to touch with our breath and movement the hidden echoes, traces and mechanisms that the foreign and our own screams left in our bodies - to reveal the yet inaccessible, repressed, unknown gestures and stories inscribed in them. We looked for ways to awaken the unique possibilities of collective action in our bodies. And to allow empathy beyond ideology.

One of the starting points for our research was the affective power and archaic impetus of the scream that has continuously filled Polish streets and our bodies for the past few years - and that culminated in the fall of 2020, after the Constitutional Court declared a virtually total ban on abortion.

Knowing that throughout history, only a few liberations have actually been able to lead to freedom, and realizing how much effort we devote today to preparing for protests and considering the effectiveness of liberation movements - we now ask if and how we can prepare for freedom? 

Duchini Bei, Berlin, December 2021

Project realized with the support of the Faculty of Painting of the Academy of Art in Szczecin and Gdansk City Gallery.

Schedule of the workshop series "Scream. Listen":
11.04.2021, 6pm-9pm: It Started With a Cry with Patricia Fürst 
25.04.2021, 6pm-9pm: Between Silence and Scream — exercises in listening sensitivity with Katarzyna Sitarz
09.05.2021, 6pm-9pm: Gaping for myself with Iga Swieściak 
16.05.2021, 6pm-9pm: Launcher. Whose scream? Whose silence? with Duchini Bei
21.05.2021, 6pm-9pm: Rhythm, scream, listening with Martyna Szwinta

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