Grassomania. Collection

Dates: 30.07-16.10.2021
4G, Szeroka 37
Curator: Maria Sasin
Graphic identification: Anna Witkowska
We remind you that on August 15, all branches of the Gdańsk City Gallery are closed.

The exhibition entitled Grassomania. Collection is a presentation of almost forty visual art pieces by Günter Grass from the collection of more than one hundred works by the artist kept in the custody of the Gdańsk City Gallery. Grass, born in 1927 in Gdańsk, is mostly known for his literary work, author of the cult book The Tin Drum, who was awarded with the Literary Nobel Prize in 1999. To ensure a full view of his output, one should mention that Grass studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Düsseldorf and the High School of Visual arts in Berlin.

In 2007, Günter Grass donated more than fifty prints and several sculptures to the City of Gdansk, which later inspired the foundation of the Gdańsk Günter Grass Gallery in 2009. This Gallery became not only the place where his work is stored and exhibited but also a centre where the issue of integration of visual arts and literature is discussed. Since the foundation of the Gallery, the collection of the artist’s works is being successively enlarged.

Grass used various techniques in his work. In graphic arts he mostly used lithograph and etching, while in his drawings Indian ink, charcoal, graphite, sanguine and unique natural sepia. His sculpture mostly represents bronze casts and terracotta. The interrelationship between text and image in Grass’s creation can be found in the fact that characters from his visual works appeared in his books while the characters initially portrayed in words later appeared in his drawings and prints. Grass said in a preface to one of his catalogues that he continues his drawing while writing, and when asked whether he is more of a writer or a graphic artist, he replied that the question had never actually crossed his mind.

The exhibition shows a selection of prints, drawings and sculptures from various periods of his activity, presenting a wide range of the artist’s techniques and styles applied over many years. What we have included in the show are pieces, such as a bronze nude from the period of his studies, next to works from the latter years of his life. The steel-sheet plinths under the sculptures in differentiated, multi-faceted forms, were made by a Gdańsk artist Dorota Walentynowicz. Thanks to such an arrangement, the presented collection of Günter Grass’s art works acquires the status of “a visual event”.

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