Khairullo Mirsaidov: from Tajikistan to Gdańsk

Premiere: April 22, 2021 at 12.00
Online: GGM YouTube
Writing, direction and sound: Małgorzata Żerwe
Camera and edition: Piotr Grdeń
Project coordination: Aleksandra Chrzanowska

Khairullo Mirsaidov is an independent investigative journalist from Tajikistan. He has been a press, radio and television journalist and reporter for 18 years, working for Asia-Plus, Deutsche Welle, Fergana News Agency and other media outlets. As a political analyst, he focused on issues such as corruption, terrorism and violation of human rights. In 2017, after writing a public letter to the Tajikistani President about corruption among high-ranking officials in the regional administration, he was arrested and placed in custody on charges of inciting ethnic and religious hatred, public funds embezzlement, forgery of documents and providing false testimony. He was detained for 9 months; upon his release, he left his country.

Khairullo Mirsaidov has stayed in Gdańsk as a resident under the International Cities of Refuge Network (ICORN) programme. The Gdańsk City Gallery (GGM) is the local programme coordinator.

Gdańsk 2020
Production: Gdańska Galeria Miejska
Translation from Polish: Malwina Chełminiak
The poem “Stranger” by Kamal Khujandi translated from Persian by Katarzyna Wąsala

The authors would like to thank Marina Szawlowska and Julia Szawlowska for their help in this film The authors used archival footage from the Tajikistani public television, private materials of Khairullo Mirsaidov and selected images from YouTube.