Mariusz Waras „Mobilki”

Date: 15.5-20.6.2020
Venue: Günter Grass Gallery, Szeroka 37
Curator: Joanna Stembalska
Graphic design: Olek Modzelewski
Co-organizer: BWA Wrocław Galleries of Contemporary Art
We cordially invite you to visit the Mariusz Waras’ exhibition titled “Mobilki” in Günter Grass Gallery in Gdańsk. 
Tri-city based Mariusz Waras is one of the most prominent street artist in the world from nearly twenty years. His newest project “Mobilki” which was first presented at the end of 2019 year in Studio BWA Gallery in Wrocław is a collection of rescaled toys – figures and objects set in motion manually by the audience. The simple technology, based to a large extent on the technique used by the artist himself when creating murals, enables a quick execution of works which are a manifesto, spontaneous reaction and commentary on particular political and media events of the last two years in Poland.
The figures are borrowed from particular images and situations which made a lasting impression on Mariusz Waras’s imagination. Translated into visual language, transferred into a material and then complemented with simple mechanics, mobilki are at the same time toys among meanings and symbols, and the recipient setting them in motion becomes a participant in little genre scenes. Contexts and roles get mixed up in the play, and the swinging movement turns the recipient into a participant or creator, engaging him or her momentarily in a parallel dramaturgy of the work. Exhibition in Gdańsk City Gallery is expanded by some new works, which were created in the inspiration from media news from the last few months.
Joanna Stembalska
Attention: from the reason of safety there’s no vernissage of the exhibition. The exhibition can be visited from Tuesday till Sunday in the hours 12-6 p.m. During your visit please keep the sanitary procedures. The information about them you can reach in the gallery. There could be a maximum of four visitors in the gallery at the same time. Please, use the sanitizing handrub dispensers and / or use the disposable gloves. 

MARIUSZ WARAS, born in 1978 in Gdynia, Poland. An Associate Professor at the Academy of Art in Szczecin, Poland, where he runs a Studio of Image and Street Art as part of the Faculty of Painting and New Media. MA and Ph.D. defended at the Academy of Fine Art in Gdańsk, Poland, between 2008-2014 he was an assistant professor at the Studio of Painting run by Prof. Jerzy Ostrogórski, between 2010-2013 he run a Studio of Graphic Design at the Faculty of Sculpture, Department of Intermedia, then between 2013-2014 he was an assistant professor at the Studio of Painting run by Prof. Henryk Cześnik. He is engaged in the art collective Wiosna Ludów [Spring of Nations]. After its reorganization into the Space of Art WL4 Association he became its chairman. The Association was created to ensure artists the space for their individual work, to create the space for artistic exchange, to present, discuss and animate a local artistic and cultural scene in Gdańsk. Except for his academic work, he does graphic design, creates installations and large-scale painting. As a muralist, especially as an “m-city”, whose style has become his characteristic, Mariusz Waras is recognized as one of the world best-known street artists. From the very beginning, he has created his works around the urban aesthetics, used the elements of architecture or industrial infrastructure – including the shipyards and means of transportation. His style, even though it evolves, remains modest and strong. Among the dehumanized landscapes and machines painted during the process of production or destruction, in his play with the limitless possibilities of compilations in an ever-broadening lexicon of elements, he started to find place to express his personal reflections, manifests, sometimes laconic comments on actual events – a wink towards one of the sources of street-art. He is also a curator of exhibitions and art events.

Fot. Mariusz Waras