Mariusz Kulpa - „Forms. Repertories. Collections.”

Exhibition: 06.12.2019 – 02.02.2020
Vernissage: 6.12.2019, 6 p.m.
Venue: 4G, Szeroka  37

Forms. Repertories. Collections.

Marcin Kulpa, an interdisciplinary artist, sees borders of specific subject areas as opportunities for formal migrations and not as limits. Quite ferquently his works result from long-lasting artistic journeys. „[…] Being able to experience a specific site is an added value in itself, for me – indispensable in the proces of artistic creation” – he says. Among the most recognizable works of the artist are vertical sculptures, called totems by some, even though their origin and underlying idea arise from different premises. They are kind of „trees of life” in prevailing majority refering to organic forms. Abundant polychromous corpus is surmounted with a symbolic representation of natural forces: vital and frequently anthropomorphic. The artist looks into the nature with a scientific eye of a biologist, who is able to detect tiny, ephemeral elements, which later resonate in his works as symbols or metaphors. Although he tends to work with typical sculpting materials such as stone, metal or wood he does not restrain himself from less tangible matter: paper or fabric. A specific function is conferred to w word, which features deeply personal notion of his statements. His drawings, on the other hand,  being much more than technical sketches of a forthcoming sculpture constitute autonomous means of expression, and particularly in those instances when they capture the intangible they become a personal diary of the artist. The exhibition Forms, Repertories and Collections is made up of several dozens of objects, sculptures and drawings collected mainly with the aim of this individual display will be accompanied by two short impressionistic films by Vahram Mkhitayan portraying Professor Mariusz Kulpa.

Mariusz Kulpa, born in 1946 in Leżajsk, studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków where, in 1974, he defended his diploma at the studio of Prof. Hajdecki. Educatior of the AoFA in Gdańsk since 1977 and since 2002 a Profesor there. His artisitc activity is marked with numerous individual and group exhibitions and competitions, many of which brought him prizes and distinctions. Mariusz Kulpa is an author of 6 monuments – Dar Narodu Polskiego dla Nagasaki (Gift of Polish Nation to Nagasaki (Japan 1986), monument of John Paul II in Gdańsk Zaspa (1999), Monument of Polish Underground State and Home Army in Poznań (2007) to name a few. His works enrich Polish and foreign collections, both private and institutional. In 2012 Mariusz Kulpa was awarded the Badge of Honour by the Minister of of Culture  and National Heritage: „Merit for Polish Culture” and in 2015 the Award of the Rector of AoFA (first class) for the lifetime didactic achivement. In 2011 the artist received the Prize of the President of the City of Gdańsk and he was honoured twice with the Prize of the Gdańsk Association of Friends of Art for his sculpting achievements (1987 and 2018).

The exhibition of Prof. Mariusz Kulpa belongs to the Logos- Bios cyclical event displaying the works of the sculptors exploring and confronting the domains of culture and nature: the realm of chaos represented by biology and that of a logos, often identified with orderly, human intervention every now and then leading to symbolic opression.