Deep Water

Venue : Gdańska Galeria Miejska1, ul. Piwna 27/29
Project : 8.11 - 7.12.2019
Participants: Anastazja Radczenko, Kamil Kak, Karol Polak, Karolina Tomaszewska, Maciej Lewandowski, Martyna Modzelewska, Natalia Dopkowska, Patrycja Paulina Cichosz, Paulina Grosz, Zuzanna Leśniak
Curator: Gabriela Warzycka-Tutak
Graphic design: Marcel Kaczmarek

Deep Water is an artistic-educational project addressed to the students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. It is traditionally held at the premises of the Gdańsk City Gallery 1, which throughout its duration becomes an open studio for the invited artists, a place to meet and exchange experiences. The core of the Deep Water programme is a workshop cycle that accompanies the activity of the open studio and complements the young artists’ academic curriculum. This year’s edition starts on Nnovember 8.

The 4th edition of the project is themed around an attempt to strike a psycho-physical balance in a realm of challenges faced by young artists in the making. The workshops create an opportunity for students to discover techniques of working with the body, voice, movement, and offer them tools of self-expression to be used in their own creative work. The participants attend classes in vocal improvisation, mindfulness and body consciousness.

The workshop cycle also features a talk with an art critic and a private gallery representative. The meetings focus on the art market and collaboration between the artist and the gallery.
Deep Water is informed by the idea of complementing students’ knowledge and skills as well as staging a confrontation between their artistic activities in the gallery’s space.

Lecturers: Ula Zerek (dancer, performer), Szymon Dobosik (actor, dancer, choreographer), Edka Jarząb (performer and sound artist), Karolina Plinta (critic), Magdalena Kownacka (gallerist)

Ula Zerek/ The Space of Movement
The workshop focusses on the body as a source of movement and a choreographic tool as seen from a broad, interdisciplinary perspective on art. The class explores the possibilities of movement, its fluidity, intuitiveness as well as performative and culture-forming potential. The meetings introduce the participants to dance practice through the exploration of their natural, spontaneous movement activities.

Edka Jarząb/ An Invisible Axis
Voice as a bridge between the private and the public, the inner and the outer, may offer a tool to analyse behaviour, habits, fears and social expectations. Vocal improvisation based on the practice of deep listening allows us to focus on the body as an emitter and a receiver of waves and information which resonates with its own vocal energy.

Szymon Dobosik/ Body-consciousness
The acknowledgement and expansion of the consciousness of one’s own body is the central theme of the workshop. We concentrate on the phenomenon of generating movement in relation to external factors, such as space, social situation and aural circumstances. The workshop offers its participants the skills to turn their movement activities into a language of their own artistic statements and expression.