10th Anniversary of the Gdańsk City Gallery!

10th Anniversary of the Gdańsk City Gallery!

Although Gdańsk City Gallery still remains one of the youngest cultural institutions in the Tricity, it will finally be celebrating its first round anniversary. You have had the opportunity to meet us in our three galleries, during city festivals and many other events for 10 years. Every year, we organise about 20-25 exhibitions, 3 festivals in the public space, about 200 workshops in pottery and linoleum printing, a number of exhibition-related workshops, and special meetings with artists and art theoreticians. We work with many Polish and foreign cultural and scientific institutions in order to provide a polyphony of voices and experiences that we would like to share with you. We promote young and promising artists, keeping in mind however the experienced ones whose activity we try to follow closely. We focus on visual arts, yet are familiar with literary motifs (our patron – Günter Grass or the ICORN literary residences). 10 years of activity in the area of visual arts and literature in Gdańsk and beyond might perhaps be a good opportunity for recapitulation, but we are definitely more interested in the future of our institution. 

At the turn of the year, the Gdańsk City Gallery a became expanded by a new fourth venue – the House of Daniel Chodowiecki and Günter Grass located in the buildings at Sieroca 8. This building will be thoroughly revitalised in order to fully launch its cultural offer. You might however start following closely what is happening in the building itself and its vicinity, since we have started taming a new space for art and culture, even as a part of the “House of the 12 Crafts” education-related activities or a series of meetings and walks entitled “Gdańsk Art City”. We have also commenced upon a series of educational workshops connected with the “Three Times Lucky” exhibitions organized by us.

This year’s novelty at the Gdańsk City Gallery is a changed formula of the popular Grassomania festival. With the WE WANT YOU slogan we would like to invite all those willing to display their artistic activities at the festival as a part of the celebration of the Anti-fascist Year and the Year of Freedom and Solidarity in Gdańsk. We have prepared for you numerous unique exhibitions, events and educational activities for the whole year, of which we will be informing you in our website and many other locations.

We have decided not to launch any special event on the occasion of our anniversary, since we believe that every and each of our actions is exceptional both for our guests and visitors, as well as for artists themselves whom we offer the opportunity to present their works. However, if you would like to raise a toast for the brave and hard-working team of the Gallery, we would like to invite you today to join us on September 13th for the opening of our exhibition entitled “Only Broken Clocks Show the Right Time” at the GGM2. See you in the Main Town!