Grassomania is 11 years old!

So far it has been a festival shaped every year according to curatorial concepts of: Iwona Bigos (2009 – 2013), Maria Sasin (2009 - 2013) and Marta Wróblewska (2013 - 2018). After the experience of 10 years we would like to adapt the formula of Grassomania to the current artistic trends and social needs which remain in line with the ideas of democracy and activism. That is why we are handing the creative initiative over to you! Throughout the year we are accepting your applications relating to the broadly understood Günter Grass-inspired themes, with particular emphasis on motifs close to the ideas underlying the Polish Anti-Fascist Year and Gdańsk’s Year of Freedom and Solidarity. It would make us particularly intrigued if you engaged in a live dialogue with the art of Günter Grass, the collection of his works, and the yearly program of the Günter Grass Gdansk Gallery in Gdańsk. We are especially interested in the initiatives which are no stranger to Grass’s inclination towards engaged intellectual polemic, as well as active political, social and artistic responsibility closely connected with taking a stance in important matters of present times. We understand this creative dialogue as the core of democratic society. We associate it with fundamental form of interpersonal communication maintained in a peaceful atmosphere guaranteeing mutual support, and at the same time excluding any kind of hierarchy and segregation. That is why we are counting on your creativity and urge for experimentation! You will find all the details of this call in the application rules. We are looking forward to your proposals! WE WANT YOU!