Agnieszka Brzeżańska. The National Park All Over The Earth

Place: Gdańsk City Gallery 2, Powroźnicza street 13/15
Opening: 26th of October, Friday at 7.00 p.m.
Exhibition: 26th of October - 2nd of December 2018

Artist: Agnieszka Brzeżańska
Curator: Agnieszka Tarasiuk
Coordinator: Andrzej Zagrobelny

The National Park All Over The Earth is a beautiful catchphrase, but is it understood for sure? How come the “whole Earth”, what about our cities, motorways and airports, cultivated fields, war-torn regions and those touched by ecological disaster? How “National”, of which nation? Does the author consider conquest of Earth done by one of existing nations or rather predicts all Earthlings united under one cosmic banner?

Those seductive, yet troublesome for interpretation alerts are creations of Agnieszka Brzeżańska, painter, conceptualist, ceramist, performer, and also herbalist and motorboating helmsman. Born in Gdynia, the artist has been present at international scene for over two decades, nevertheless it is very difficult to assign her art to any of existing trends. Her every exhibition is its own system of meanings. Painting or sculpture are both preceded by research of theoretical sources and spectrum of artist's interests is wide. From archeology to futurology, from botany and evolutionism to esoterics and eastern philosophy. Nonchalantly does she move between works of scientific authorities and visionary ideas of intellectual insurgents.

At times research turns into personal contribution in various cultures and traditions. Brzeżańska paints batiks on Java, calcinates ceramics in traditional japanese furnace on Kyushu island, takes part in psychodelic trips with shamans in Peru, Gathers herbs and mushrooms in grasslands near Mława, produces jaquard cloth in textile mill in Łódź and ceramic tiles in workshops of former craft school in Łysa Góra. She spends summer sailing a scow on Vistula river. Vastness of sky and water is common space for artists and their work, their art being an act of civic involvement in protection of wildlife. Capitalism and development of artificial intelligence are recognized as an evil force threatening all organic life on Earth. Thus the artist saves the planet by singing ecological mantras and painting graphic spells. She designs a sculpture that upholds branches of an old apple tree, and makes jam from its fruit. And nobody will tell us how to react to her work, contemplating foreseen doom with sheer seriousness or rather laugh at her ironic jokes and our own confusion. No one will help the viewer settle exhibition of Brzeżańska, if the images presented are swiftly painted, rooted in art history abstraction, or are they portraits of mysterious entities, plants, animals and spirits inhabiting Earth.

Exhibition in Gdańsk City Gallery claims a very serious word Retrospective while at the same time tries to track artistic and intellectual trips of an artist since early 90's. For the first time ever, the newest works of Brzeżańska are arranged with her series of paintings, images of horses and sunsets painted during her studies in Gdańsk, Warsaw and Tokyo. However, central point of exhibition is a monumental sculpture/fountain, made specifically for Gdańsk exposition, with strong eco-feminist meaning. Its life giving energy will help us prevail through dark fall-winter months. There are both psychedelic and remedial compounds contained within art, as well as within plants.

Agnieszka Brzeżańska (Born in 1972 in Gdańsk)

She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk and Warsaw and at the Tokyo University of the Arts. Her art includes painting, drawing, photography, motion picture and ceramics. Brzeżańska reaches for various fields of knowledge, from physics and philosophy to merginalised by modern science systems of cognition such as alchemy, parapsychology, esoterics, indegene knowledge or matriarchal traditions.
She has presented her works on many individual exhibitions, domestically and abroad, such as: Matrix-Sratrix, Kasia Michalski, Warsaw (2016), Ma Terra, Vera Munro, Hamburg (2015), It all occurs quickly wih ease, grace and joy, Marlborough Contemporary, London (2015), Family Land, Aleksander Bruno, Warsaw and Contemporary Museum in Wrocław (2014), Kobayashi Maru, Nanzuka, Tokio (2014).
In 2018 she took part in Berlin Biennale. During Warsaw Gallery Weekend (2018) she received the ING main prize. Big individual exhibition in Gdańsk City Gallery will have its second opening in the Warsaw museum dedicated to Polish sculptor Xawery Dunikowski (Królikarnia) in 2019.

Muzeum Rzeźby im. Xawerego Dunikowskiego w Królikarni, Oddział Muzeum Narodowego w Warszawie
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