Meeting with Daniel Toledo

Place: Gdańsk City Gallery 2, Powroźnicza Street 13/15
Meeting: 15th of July 2018, Sunday at 5.00 p.m.
Guest: Daniel Toledo
Coordination: Marta Wroblewska

meeting will be held in english

Toledo's presentation exposes and examines the trajectory of the action Leilão de Arte Piolho Nababo R$1,99, lead by Piolho Nababo collectiveInitiated in 2011 as an autonomous, festive and non-hierarchical performance to exhibit and sell artworks produced by mostly young and marginal artists based in Belo Horizonte (Brazil). The action has experienced, since then, very distinct contexts, moving through bars, streets, abandoned buildings, independent galleries and also official art institutions. Within each of these contexts, the collective has been facing multiple challenges, from institutionalization to disappearance, and understanding the capacity to build alliances with a large range of social and political actors as a path to survive without loosing its original spirit.

Daniel Toledo (born in 1983)
Is a brazilian playwright, theatre director and performer, also independent critic, researcher and curator on theatre, performance and visual arts. Master on Sociology by UFMG, have been developing research and creations which bring multiple approaches to concepts like site-specificity, decoloniality and criticism of modernity. Recently, took part of the summer course "What does it mean to decolonize?", at Utrecht University (Netherlands). Artistic director of T.A.Z collective, member of JA.CA - Centro de Arte e Tecnologia. Toledo also takes part of ​Piolho Nababo collective​, performing since 2011 as an alternative art auctioneer along more than 20 editions of ​Leilão de Arte Piolho Nababo R$1,99.