Storm of Arts - educational cycle for kids

The Storm of Arts is a new educational cycle of the Gdansk City Gallery. We want to prove that art can be happy, absurd and perverse. During our workshops, as a part of The Storm of Arts we will be doing experiments, asking questions, building, destroying, using five and more senses, becoming artists for a brief moment. We will be learning from them and from each other as well. We will create a space for care-free learning and profound play. We will be drawing from contemporary art that is open to all forms of expression and has limitless capacity. 

The art classes are intended for children up to the age of 11, and our actions are inspired by current exhibitions at the GCG. The workshops take place on two selected Sundays in a month. Participation is free, all you have to do is sign up with the person in charge.
We also organise workshops on current exhibitions at the GCG for organised groups.

Person in charge: Marta Karalus
phone: (+48) 530 788 877, e-mail: