Antti Laitinen – In search of utopia

Günter Grass Gallery in Gdańsk

Throughout the centuries, man has always dreamed of a better life in a better world. However, due to being only a drop in the ocean, and without any significant influence on shaping the global reality, they create various alternative utopias. Some of them incite revolutions, the others anticipate a better tomorrow. In his works, Antti Laitinen creates such utopias within his micro-worlds. He creates a deserted island and travels it like Robinson Crusoe, he creates and keeps his own glacier, only to melt it in the sea during the summer, or builds a raft to go searching for his own utopia, like Thomas More, Gulliver or H. G. Wells in his time machine. Laitinen’s escape into nature and the complete integration with it on an elementary level compensates the values lost over the course of civilizational progress, such as integrity, identity, harmony with nature, freedom and safety. 

Antti Laitinen – visual artist born in 1975, he lives in works in Helsinkim, Finalnd. He creates photographs, videos, performances. He represented Finland, among others, during the Liverpool Biennial in 2010, and the Venice Biennial in 2013.