Brama The Gate

The Gate is a project in which Michał Szlaga continues working with the heritage connected with Gdańsk Shipyard. Coming out of the Shipyard, this time the artist concentrates on its „outer” part, located by the historical Gate no. 2 and the Solidarity Square. Both places are very important from the historical, political and social perspective not only for Gdańsk citizens, but also for the Polish people in general. The whole area in question belongs to the common public space which both every day and on special occasions is occupied by different social groups identifying with it. For many years this very space has functioned as a sort of  mirror of the Shipyard - fenced and inaccessible for the public. The moment of erecting the European Solidarity Centre was really the turning point which removed the physical barriers between the Square and the Shipyard, unveiling its new face.
The exhibition is composed of photo and video materials made within 2008-2014. The artist observed the everyday life on the Solidarity Square, as well as special events held there, and the building of the European Solidarity Centre.  

Photo workshops coordinated by the artist himself will be part of the project (23-25.07.2015). Selected photos created during those workshops will be presented at a post-workshop exhibition in Gdańsk City Gallery in 2016.  

On 5.07.2015 at 17.00 there will be an artist meeting with Michał Szlaga held in GGM1.

Michał Szlaga (born in 1978, Gdańsk/Poland) - a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk / Poland (2003), lives and works in Gdańsk. He is a renowned photographer, working both in the field of arts, documentary, as well as in the domain of press photography. He is the author of the album “Szlaga/Shipyard” (2013), and the blog project called “Poland – reality”. Winner of many national and international awards (among them International Photo Awards 2007). He has published his photographs in numerous newspapers and magazines, cooperating on a regular basis with such prestigious Polish titles, like: „MaleMEN”, „Przekrój”, „Newsweek”, „Twój Styl” and „Viva”. 

Project is realized within People's Smart Sculpture co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.