G: RASS (Gdańsk: real and simulated spaces) – is an interactive art project based on a specially designed mobile application using the Android platform. Thanks to it the viewer, using his/her tablet or smartphone, is transferred into a virtual world – an augmented reality. This approach involves and transforms the surrounding city space in order to view it from a different perspective.

This educational project is inspired by the literary works by Günter Grass – born in Gdańsk, author of the well-known “Gdańsk trilogy”. Selected literary motifs and quotations from Grass’s books, characteristic for Gdańsk, will mark the walking routes. A chosen literary protagonist will guide the viewers to the locations on the map of Gdańsk, commenting on them with the use of literary quotations. Additionally, the graphic effects (animations, 3D graphics) will provide the opportunity to see on the tablet’s screen: objects, motifs, images, souvenirs connected with the place where the viewer is. With those special effects we would like to endow the everyday wandering with the unique meanings and senses. Walking physically through the city, the viewer is encouraged to find consecutive quotations functioning as signs assigned to particular places. Once the viewer reaches the given place, he will see the literary text on the screen together with other visual elements.

Thanks to the application for tablets/smartphones the image caught by the tablet’s camera, will overlap with literary world, full of remnants and signs from the past. Through visuals and sounds the viewer will sink into a non-linear narration based on real and simulated elements of Gdańsk, which he will on the one hand recognize, and on the other hand create anew. Doing this, we are aiming at transforming the city into an inspiring space, a dynamic cloud of meanings, inviting the viewers to take a sentimental journey to its history which they will be able to rediscover, by walking through the known and unknown Gdańsk.

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Poland: Piotr Wyrzykowski, Andrzej Fac

Germany (Hochschule Düsseldorf) – prof. Christian Geiger’s scientific team: Anastasia Treskunov, Christoph Vogel, Christian Mayer, Michael Bertram

Coordination: Marta Wróblewska

Quotations: © Steidl Verlag, Göttingen, Germany

Sound: Jacek Puchalski

Readers: Tadeusz Wolański, Wojciech Siółkowski, Piotr Michalski,

Music piece: In nativitate by Andreas Hakenberger courtesy of the Polish Chamber Choir Schola Cantorum Gedanensis

Photos: the Günter Grass Association in Gdańsk, Agencja Vizualna, Piotr Połoczański (Małgorzata Żerwe, Untitled)

Co-financed by the Polish-German Cooperation Foundation and Creative Europe EU Programme (The People’s Smart Sculpture)

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