Grass’owanie is an interdisciplinary project of cultural education using methods of active learning. The name is a play on words of a Polish verb ‘grasować’ referring to children exploring the surroundings during their trips and the name of Gunter Grass, the author of “The Danzig Trilogy” himself. The scope of activities includes: cultural heritage, especially the one concerning the history of Gdańsk, the works of its only Winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, Grass, and contemporary art. The project is directed to children, adults, seniors, schools (including for the deaf children) and care centres. This is an extension of the school programme concerning education in the field of arts and literature, an offer of after-school activities directed at individual recipients and an original series of happenings and events created with the active participation of spectators. The project started in 2014 and got an award of the National Centre for Culture in the “Projects Exchange” and in 2015 was nominated to the award of the General Monument Conservator in the “Education” category. This project is an example of cooperation between sectors – the Gdańsk City Gallery, city’s cultural institution, and the Dwie Ole Workshop, representing the private sector.