Magda Jędra, Emilia Orzechowska, Anna Steller “Never Will It End”

Magda Jędra, Emilia Orzechowska, Anna Steller “Never Will It End”

a series of performances in various city locations 

24.11.2019 | Sunday at 07.00 PM

Never Will It End #1

GDANSK CITY GALLERY – 4G (Szeroka 34/35, 36, 37 · Grobla I 1/2) 

25.11.2019 | Monday at 06.00 PM

Never Will It End #2


26.11.2019 | Tuesday 12.00 PM through 02.00 PM 

Never Will It End #3


We are living in strange and difficult times. Civilisation, scientific and technological progress, and common access to knowledge are supposed to make people’s lives better and more peaceful, leading towards greater kindness, openness and tolerance. It would seem that superstitions disappeared, and access to reliable information makes it more difficult for others to “brainwash people.” Unfortunately, this is all a dream, while history likes to repeat itself. There we are, witnesses to nationalist movements and fascist ideology being reborn. Lack of tolerance for the ‘other,’ discrimination and repression are becoming our everyday reality.


“It doesn't end. Never will it end...”***

This quotation stirred our imagination, becoming an inspiration for a series of three various performances where Good Girl Killers transform into Superheroes trying to save the world from destruction. These are however not the characters that always succeed. Our Wonder Women use their superpowers and skills to highlight, deepen and sharpen certain mechanisms and schemes that make our everyday reality start to resemble the one from over 80 years back when nationalist ideology was becoming more and more popular, with fascist opinions and hate speech penetrating our homes, and the ‘brown wave’ flooding our streets. And yet, we still believe, perhaps somewhat naively, that ‘drawing’ single units to ‘the light side of the Force,’ we will still be able to change our environment.

The project was composed of three different activities at three different locations, and included three different energies and powers. The whole series of events formed a uniform and coherent work. On the first day (24.11.), working within the space of the Gdansk City Gallery, visitors were invited an untypical ‘concert’ during which we shouted out our objection against the (all)violence and (all)aggression currently dominant in Poland. On Monday (25.11.) on the lawn at the Chodowiecki and Grass House visitors were encouraged to join in our healing dance for the dying planet. By means of this simple dance we wanted to create some positive energy which, as we believe, might be able to symbolically heal the world. On the last day (26.11.) we visited the Archaeological Museum in Gdansk where in the company of objects and items from the past we were dealing with the present which we were trying to ‘glue together’ anew somehow...

*** a quotation from “Crabwalk” by Günter Grass