Anna Domańska
THE INNOCENCE OF LOOKING – films screening
December 21st, 2019, 4-8:00 PM
Chodowiecki and Grass House, Sieroca 6

Since 2015, Anna Domanska has been travelling to different borderlands to meet different people who come to Europe in search of safety and decent life. She spent a lot of time in Greece, worked also in the Balkans, in Terespol and London. The main area of her work consists in filming, and by means of this popular and, as it would seem, easy medium she tells stories that she has witnessed.

“My work was motivated by the gap between the experience of direct contact with these people and the narrative concerning them, dominant in the media where they were most frequently presented as threat – terrorists and rapists. In turn, among people who showed more empathy, an image of a victim raising the feeling of pity repeated itself. Both of these extreme narratives create a figure of a stranger, dehumanising them by means of various linguistic constructs and schemes of visual presentations.”

The prepared show was a selection of films made within the last five years. It presented situations absent from media, the process of author’s struggling with the distorted image of a newcomer, as well as the issue of dignity and subjectivity of presented protagonists.