Daniel Kotowski “Reading Out Loud,” performance

Daniel Kotowski
“Reading Out Loud,” performance
December 20th, 2019, 6:00 PM
GGM1: Piwna 27/29

“Standardisation has some trouble with reference to myself. I do not make use of speech on a daily basis. The majority of standard people fail to accept my standards. They see my otherness or my shortcomings, trying to correct them and make them complete. They expect me to fully belong to their area – an area of standardisation. I try to control my speech, my voice, and my own message. I use them to satisfy the expectations of standard people. Situations that I try to copy in accordance with standards may raise some objections against myself, and might seem offensive to those representing the so-called standards. From my verbal activity an existing ambivalence between non-conformity and conformity emerges.”