Aurora Lubos Witajcie/Welcome – performance

Aurora Lubos
Witajcie/Welcome – performance
Günter Grass Gallery in Gdańsk
November 29th, 2019, 6 pm

I am interested in man – the one who is secure, yet unwilling to admit others who are running from war, conflict, oppression, death and starvation. I am interested in situations of conflict, threat and suffering. And in what would this full and content Western-European man feel in this situation, what would they feel in reference to people for whom fighting for their lives is their everyday reality.

One of the elements in this spectacle consists in documentation of the performance entitled “Out of the Water” that took place on the beach in Sopot in October 2015 on the Day of Solidarity with Refugees. This was my comment on immigrants dying at sea, and transporting of images onto our Polish tangible reality. Raising empathy in onlookers refusing to take action.
Aurora Lubos

“So many people: babies, children, young men and women, couples, families, the elderly and the disabled, representing each and every stage of life and type of a human being that you would meet in your neighbourhood.”
A fragment of text by a volunteer, Dobova camp, Slovenia